Name Josh Warby

Instrument Rhythm Guitar

How did you join Audio Disease
Originally Scoob and Dan were talking about starting a band and they found a gig at a local rugby club, and needed a bassist so they came to me. After a few months the band decided to make a change which is were Luke took over as Bass player and I moved to Rhythm.

Musical influences
Chuck Norris, bands such as You me at Six, We are the Ocean, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Also my dad as he influenced me to learn the guitar when I was 14.

Greatest achievement so far
Believing in Chuck Norris, Joining the band with some great friends, I have wanted to do this since I started learning the guitar.

Life ambition
To make it big with the band, nice cars and house.
To be like Chuck Norris and genuinely have a good career in the music industry.

Things I love, why?
Chuck Norris – Why ? – Because he is Chuck Norris !
Playing Guitar I find it therapeutic and relaxing, the louder the better

Things I hate, why?
Chuck Norris Haters – because Chuck Norris is a legend.
Music Artist who have all their songs written for them

Most likely to share a room with (from Audio ) and why
I would probably share a room with all the band, as it would be a proper laugh, everyone would terrorise each other.

Most likely not to share a room with and why
If I had to pick a person whom I wouldn’t share with it would definitely be Scoob, his snoring is ridiculously loud.