Name Luke Bradley

Instrument Bass Guitar

How did you join Audio Disease
I have jammed with Dan and Scoob for years, since school. When Josh moved from Bass to Rhythm the lads asked me to join.

Musical influences
Nikki Sixx, Ozzy Osbourne, Nikki Wire, Liam Gallagher, Kelly Jones and Rick Savage.

Greatest achievement so far
Having an encore in London at Proud Camden, and obtaining my first star in McDonalds.

Life ambition
To be a rock nā€™ roll star, obviously.

Things I love, why?
Music, Beer, Whiskey, Banter, Whiskey ā€“ In that order

Things I hate, why?
Snow, Paintball, college, MAN UNITED !

Most likely to share a room with (from Audio ) and why
Tom ā€“ he is the best looking

Most likely not to share a room with and why
Scoob ā€“ he snores to loud !