Brett Birks – BBC Introducing – 5th Oct 2013

“Great start to the show tonight that was the 4 piece rock band from the West Mildands they’ re called Audio Disease and that track was called breakaway. Musically really tight I think you’ll agree and their live shows getting quiet a buzz in the local music press at the moment, they say “ They look good, they’re young, they sound fantastic and they may very well be the next Guns n Roses”


“I love the heaviness of it, its got a great groove and a good chorus that is very memorable, I found myself singing it long after I’d played it ”

Review of Cant believe in love – Loz Guest, Kerrang Radio


Steel 93 Radio – Adam Z (on hearing our EP)

More amazing Rock ‘N’ Roll from the band set to slay the world.


MP3 REVIEW: Audio Disease “Can’t Believe In Love” [single] Posted by Joshua Macala at 4:06 PM (Raised by Gypsies)

“Can’t Believe” In Love” by Audio Disease has a hard rock verse pattern that can sometimes make you think country, but mostly it made me feel like I was rocking. The chorus kicks in fairly heavily (for rock) and I finally find a band after many years of searching to draw a comparison with Lorene Drive (Whatever happened to them? I loved that one album they had)

The chorus sets us up for some faster vocals with the lines “I can’t believe in love when it hurts this bad/the pain I felt is the best I’ve had”, which is simple in the sense that it can be relatable but not simple in the sense that I’m going to start comparing this band or their lyrics to, say, Hinder. (Are they still a band even?)
We also get a lot of the guitar chord starts and stops, which I will always remember best being displayed by Prevent Falls and, well, I can’t get enough of that short lived band or those crunchy, crunchy chords.

So let’s see: We have two bands, one I know doesn’t exist anymore and one I’m not sure what happened to, but still, two of my favorite bands from the early ‘00’s that are presumably no longer around and they both come out in this song. (Who really cares about Hinder?) So, yeah, I would say that this is one of those bands that should be on your radar.


Audio Disease – Tearin up Base Studios 10th May 2013 – Review by Shaun of KCS Reviews

Audio Disease are a 5 piece hard rock band based in and around Dudley in the West Midlands and were formed approximately 6 months ago.

Tonight they hit the stage at 9.55pm and the first thing I notice is vocalist Tom Harris is using an old style 50’s mic, which seemed slightly unusual for a band so young and the style of music they play.

Instantly they hit the stage Tom and guitarist Dan are asking, no demanding the assembled crowd move to the front because “we can only see shadows”. The reason soon becomes evident as they interact with the crowd making them feel part of the show.

Introducing the first song of the night “Worse Things Have Happened” they are straight into the set with ease and a confidence that starts to build the atmosphere inside the venue. This sets the pace nicely for the ensuing set.

Midnight Lullaby follows and is introduced by Tom as “this will be the 2nd single from our forthcoming EP” and cranks up the pace another notch. A blistering quick classic rock style track that is bound to become a crowd favourite.

The whole band are now well on form and are pulling the crowd in closer to them. Tom is getting more and more confident as the set goes on and is holding the crowd perfectly.

Breakaway is up next and starts with a thumping bass line. It allows the vocal talents of both Dan and Luke to shine as they provide backing vocals and harmonies for Tom.

As the last chords of Breakaway fade away the crowd are asked “who was here when we first played, you may remember this, it’s our first song we wrote together. Save me is a totally different track in that it has a very commercial feel to it. Listening to it alongside the other tracks they are playing tonight makes you realize how much these guys have matured as a band in such a short time.

The surprise of the night is next up as they play a rocked up cover of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana, totally different from the original Audio Disease certainly know how to stamp their own style on what was a classic pop song from the late 80’s, and is met by a rapturous applause.

Announcing the next track as their last of the night and also the lead single from the EP, “Can’t Believe in Love” brings their set to a close which is met once again by a large round of applause and calls from sections of the crowd for another song. Looking round they are told by tonight’s event organizer Nick Townsend, to “play if you are gonna play”. This is met by calls for them to play Sweet Child of Mine which they duly launch into, again putting their own unique style to a classic 90’s rocker. By the time they finish, it is obvious that these 5 young lads have got the crowd totally on their side. I can’t help but think that tonight I have seen the makings of something special.

Vocalist Tom Harris is a more than competent vocalist who will only get better as his voice develops. Earlier in the evening he stated Freddie Mercury is one of the vocalists, who inspired him to become a singer in a band. This is evident as he has a good rapport with the fans and came make them sit up and listen. With age comes experience and he will no doubt become a better singer and one of the best frontmen on the local scene.

Lead guitarist Dan Bremner is a born showman and will no doubt become a true rock star. He works perfectly alongside Tom.

Rhythm guitarist Josh Warby is a more than competent guitarist who occasionally looked a little nervous, if he can overcome this he is surely again destined to become a star.

Bassist Luke Bradley is top notch bass player who is also a born showman and works well along side Josh on the rhythm section.

Drummer Scoob is a drummer who although often obscured (like most drummers) behind the rest of the band still manages to put his own stamp on the band. He completes the rhythm section perfectly and can only get better with experience.

For a band that have only been together for 6 months they are tight and love doing what they do, almost sometimes, because of their stage presence, appearing to have a swagger and an arrogance about them. Don’t be fooled this is confidence at its best because these guys are good and they believe it.

My advice to anyone who hasn’t seen them yet, get out there and go see them in a local venue where you will pay a few quid on a Saturday night, before you are being charged forty quid a ticket in one of the big arenas, where you will most likely only be able to see them on a big screen. Get out and see them up close and personal in a local venue now before it is too late.


Audio Disease – Contagion EP Review by KCS Promotions -
Release Date: 23rd May 2013
The first thing you notice about a CD is the case / packaging. Contagion comes in an old style gatefold card case with an additional inlay style booklet. It is simply designed but effective enough to get you to pick it up and take a closer look. A black background over layed with the band logo, name and CD title. On the rear is the usual track listing and inside are a couple of photos of the band and some additional information about the band. Inside the booklet are some professionally taken photos and a few previous reviews. There is also contact information for the band.

On closer inspection of the packaging I expected to hear a CD of metal music from a young Black Country based band. I was soon proved wrong as the first chords of debut single “Can’t believe in love” burst into life, then a shock as it came to an abrupt stop, leading me to believe it may be damaged. This thought was soon dispelled as within a second or two, it burst into the full track. A song about love and the pain it can cause. Who needs it, if it causes this much heartache? A good choice for the lead track, and first single.

Come n’ get me talks about how people change, stating “why have you changed, you used to be so sweet. Nothing matters to me, so come n get me” A slightly slower offering than the opener, it still manages to keep the flow of the EP going.

Track 3 Breakaway, sits in between Can’t believe in love and Come n get me in terms of tempo but again is another good solid offering, talking about how 2 people want the same thing.

Crazy will be the 3rd single from the EP, and is a much slower number that will appeal to fans of the American style of rock ballad and non rock fans alike. This should do well when it is released. Making a statement about how people will always have their opinions about a relationship, but its better when it is “just me and you”

Worse things have happened cranks up the tempo once again and has its origins deeply rooted in classic rock.

You could be forgiven for thinking, by the title, that Midnight lullaby will be a ballad. Nothing is further from the truth and keeps the hard rock feel going on from Worse things. This will be the follow up single to Can’t believe in love. It should get the fans of classic rock on side.

Looking good brings the EP to a close. This is a track that has a commercial feel to start but soon builds to another rousing rocker.

Contagion is an EP that is well produced and looks good at first glance. Audio Disease are a 5 piece rock band based in Dudley in the West Midlands. It is evident that their roots are firmly entrenched in the classic rock era of the late 70’s / early 80’s, pulling influences from bands such Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and Def Leppard, as well as more recent acts such as Soundgarden and Audioslave. This serves to give it a classic rock feel with a 21st century twist to it.

With the plethora of metal bands around in the Midlands at the moment there is a gap in the market for lovers of classic rock. If this debut offering is anything to go by Audio Disease could just be the band to fill that gap.

They will be going into the studio in the near future to record their first full length CD and I would like to hear them up the tempo to a harder grittier sound on some of the tracks. This I feel would open them up to a wider audience and appeal to both male and female fans of rock music.

Audio Disease are Tom Harris (lead vocals), Dan Bremner (guitar/backing vocals), Scoob Davies (drums), Josh Warby (rhythm guitar) and Luke Bradley (bass). Their EP launch will be at Rock Zombie, Dudley on the 23rd May 2013. I strongly recommend you go check them out on facebook then get down to the launch party.


SixStopMusic reviews… Audio Disease
February 11, 2013 by sixstopmusic
Audio Disease
O2 Academy 3, Birmingham 
February 7th 2013

We are in Birmingham for The Catapult Club gig, and to get a massive dose of hard rock, alternative and metal. Audio Disease are the next band up and we’re looking forward to it!
The room fills with the blaring sound of sirens and the 5 young rockers of Audio Disease take to the stage. The band kick off with ‘Worse Things Have Happened’ and to be honest, worse things have happened, much worse things. The track delivers a tidy rock sound, and a nice vocal from the lead singer.
His melodic tone is one we’d liken to an early Adam Levine. Think ‘Harder to Breathe’ from ‘Songs About Jane’, and you’re getting close to what we’re hearing.
‘Breakaway’ is another good track from the lads from Dudley, demonstrating some good harmonies, and a very nice guitar solo. We’re starting to get an idea of their influences, and begin to hear shades of Matchbox Twenty, and Goo Goo Dolls qualities to their sound.
The next track is billed as the band’s single and is called ‘Save Me’. There is an incredible melody to the vocal and the crowd are loving it. The performance is still a bit tentative, but you get a real feel for their potential, and musically these guys are very adept.
‘Midnight Lullaby’ is the band’s latest track, a very catchy number with a great chorus. 
Before the set is rounded off with ‘Can’t Believe in Love’, a track with a nice heavy intro, very good chorus, strong harmonies, excellent tempo changes and a staple of the bands set, that tight melodic vocal.
A good set for a budding band ready to take the Midlands music scene by storm, and plenty of support to go with it.
If these guys can keep going they are primed to do very well, with their crossover sound that is just as at home on commercial radio, as it would be on stage at a rock festival.


Success Express Music
RE – Audio Disease
The Old Queens Head, Islington – Feb 2013

Audio Disease are young, tight and have all the ingredients to make them VERY successful. With a slick set, abd the sort of songs that managed to get us dancing on a freezing snowy Monday night, clearly these young guns from the Midlands are moving on up. We expect to be hearing rather more of them before long …. Success Express Music (


Cant believe in love review -
“Making a noise is something that Audio Disease have been doing to great effect in Dudley. The band, Tom Harris on vocals, Daniel Bremner on Guitar, Rhythm guitarist Josh Warby , Luke Bradley on bass and Scott Davis on drums, have been making waves with their straight ahead rock sound. Modelled on their heroes Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi, they sound like, erm, Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi, which is no bad thing. Their EP is out in May via the Cream Recording Corp, and Can’t believe in love is the lead single. My Mother would hate it. ”
- Jim, BackseatMafia


EP Launch Night – Rock Zombie – Dudley, 23rd May 2013

Audio disease, not only did they bring enough fans to drink a viking raiding party dry they also performed to a professional level that even some of the big boys can aspire to. – Ross, Rock Zombie Dudley


Audio Disease – Contagion EP
Jun 10, 2013 – Review by Andy Boden –

Contagion is the brand new EP from New Kids On The Black Country Block, Audio Disease. Released through Cream Records, the seven track EP may not be exactly ground breaking but offers a nicely packaged, commercially biased showcase for the band’s talents. All seven tracks have similar pace and structure (think Mallory Knox) but there is a distinct undercurrent that suggests that Audio Disease live will be a different animal to that here on the EP.

Contagion is a highly polished, perhaps slightly over-produced offering from a band with bags of potential. Whilst comparisons with contemporaries are inevitable, the EP may also appeal to the slightly more seasoned, mainstream rock fan with an ear for Def Leppard/Bon Jovi and such like. Whether it will appeal to aficionados of the harder end of the rock spectrum remains to be seen, although the EP contains enough to suggest that there may be more to Audio Disease than first meets the ear. Audio Disease is tailor made for the (current) Kerrang! Generation, watch closely, people.