Name Scott ‘SCOOB’ Davies
Instrument Drums

How did you join Audio Disease
Me and Dan were offered a gig at a venue, not sure which one but we had to get a singer and a bassist which is were Josh and Tom come in and it just built from there.
Musical influences

My major influence was seeing bands on stage at Reading and Download Festivals and thinking I wanna be there one day. Bands that interest me are metal and rock bands, who put so much effort into their songs and putting on a show for their fans.

Greatest achievement so far
I haven’t got any major achievements just because I’m a boring bastard but I’m sure as my life goes on there will be some big ass achievements and success.

Life ambition
My life ambition is to travel the world and experience different places, people and the way they live

Things I love, why?
To be fair I don’t think Id be able to live without Tea, I love a good cuppa and good music. No soppy shit, the stuff that gets you moving. Just love tension and excitement and still getting the Goosebumps.

Things I hate, why?
There are some things I hate that I really can’t put on here ☺ but I really hate spiders- Why are they even here they don’t do anything just chill in the bath tubs , Oh and the London underground.

Most likely to share a room with (from Audio ) and why
All four of them could there would be so many pranks and jokes against each other it would be amazing.

Most likely not to share a room with and why
As I said in the last one, all of them. Well after that it would probably be me getting beat up and picked on, so none of them, I’ll share a room to myself !!!!