Name Tom Harris

Instrument Lead Vocals

How did you join Audio Disease
Before I joined Audio Disease, I was in another band, which Dan came to watch and as he saw me he asked if I wanted to become lead singer of a new band that he was forming at the time, which turned out to be Audio Disease.

Musical influences
I am a big fan of Jon Bon Jovi and admire the high tones of Axl Rose in his prime with Guns n Roses. I like the song writing of the Script and Maroon 5.

Greatest achievement so far
My greatest achievement so far, in my eyes, is writing the Audio Disease song ‘Crazy’ which makes the ladies fall at my feet ☺

Life ambition
Win an award at the Brit Awards, have a number 1 single in the UK and USA

Things I love, why?
Audio Disease because we rock
Mark Bremner because of his continuous support
Playboy Calendars because they are HOT!

Things I hate, why?
Garage music – because its just noise
People who wear sandals and socks – pointless

Most likely to share a room with (from Audio ) and why
Luke and Dan – No snoring

Most likely not to share a room with and why
Scoob – Snoring
Josh – Snoring